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Short Term Furniture Storage Solutions, Secure Self Storage Services

One2One provide short-term property storage facilities and furniture storage services throughout Melbourne and the Eastern Suburbs. We have 3 shipping containers and 4 different sized storage units for our customers that are in the transition period of moving to a new house or office. This also includes for One2One customers that are waiting for their new house to be built or a settlement date.

Our specialist removalists will record your items one-by-one - wrap, pack, collect and transfer your furniture items and other belongings to our safe, secure storage facility.

Cheaper in Price

Since we store customers’ furniture in our own property, and NOT renting another storage space, we save on our expenditure, whilst we charge our customers’ cheaper than other movers that rent out storage spaces.

Easy, Fast and Hassle-Free

As all furniture items are located on our own property, hence we can collect and deliver customers furniture easy, fast and with hassle-free.

Save Packaging

We pack our customers’ belongings meticulously and thoroughly, therefore the items can be stored safely.

Secure Storage

We protect our customers’ belongings in strong hard-metal containers within our private secure storage property.

Long-Term Storage Facility

If you are looking for a long-term storage solution, we recommend Storage King – they are reasonably priced and helpful.

We recommend Storage King – they are reasonably priced and helpful.
Storage King
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