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Helpful Tips on Packing

Packing And Moving Tips for Relocation

Even when you elect to pack the majority of your household items yourself during the move, ask about providing supplies such as custom boxes and cartons, cushioning materials and tape. You may also want to think about having your movers pack more delicate, fragile or hard-to-pack items such as paintings, antiques, clocks, collectables, lamps or glassware. No matter if you pack your own household items or not, always carry items of significant value or importance with you when you move, or have them forwarded to your new address by your banker or broker. Examples of these items include irreplaceable photo albums, stocks, certificates, bonds, securities, insurance policies, valuable papers, currency, copies of CDs or computer disks, stamp and coin collections, and jewellery or furs.

Helpful packing tips:
  • Use boxes and cartons of adequate size and strength
  • When packing fragile items, always cushion bottom of carton and between layers
  • Wrap fragile items individually
  • Place heavier items in the lower part of the carton and lighter items in the upper levels
  • Be generous with newsprint cushioning; it absorbs shock
  • Make sure all items are firmly packed in each carton. Loose items may move during transit and cause damage
  • Do not overfill cartons. Make sure the tops close easily without bulging
  • Double tape and use PVC or strapping tape to keep cartons from bursting during transit.

When labelling a box or carton:

  • Make sure to use a heavy marking pen.
  • Mark the tops and sides of all cartons
  • List the general content of each carton, and mark the room each carton should be placed when it arrives (kitchen, master, bedroom, etc.)
  • Mark boxes containing fragile items “FRAGILE”
  • For items you will need immediately after you arrive at your new home, mark boxes with “LOAD LAST” or “UNLOAD FIRST”
  • When appropriate, mark the carton “THIS END UP”

By law, household movers cannot transport hazardous materials such as:

  • paint thinners, oils and varnishes
  • ammunition
  • bottled gas or propane
  • lamp oil
  • all flammables, explosives and corrosives
  • motor oils and fuel
  • nail polish remover
  • bleach
  • aerosol cans
  • matches, lighter fluid

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