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Can I move home during the latest Melbourne COVID-19 in a declared lockdown situation?

In short, YES you can move home in Victoria during this current Stage 4. However, the move must fall within certain conditions outlined below.

One2One can operate as a permitted business during Stage 4 restrictions - Classified as a Road Transport (passenger and freight) business.

New working procedures have been implemented as outlined in our COVID Safe Plan. All workplaces operating during Stage 4 lockdown must have a COVID Safe plan.

  • In short a person may leave premises in which they ordinarily reside if:
  • the premises in which the person ordinarily resides is no longer available or suitable for them to reside in
  • for the purposes of moving to a new residence at which the person will ordinarily reside.
  • Moving to or from storage is also allowed, if related to the above activities.

  • If your move does not fall within the above, you must contact the DHHS and obtain a quote reference stating that your move is permitted.